Inspired by the absence

Well, hello everyone, i know i know it has been months since I last posted something here on my blog and i’m sorry to all of you my readers, did not realise that I will be busy on so many things. If you have been following me i’ve started my Youtube vlog, my very long Norwegian course, my two boys who are always in full charge and some other excuses. But since today is a new year for me I decided on making a blog post and share this day with all of you. So today i’ll be parting with you something about fashion (i know that’s too obvious) but something I realised, something new, some changes on why I called this post inspired by the absence.    Inspired by the absence came from a realisation about my style. I’m pretty sure all of you are aware that my style is majority about looking dapper always in suit but I’ll admit, I was still following the fashion trends. Living here in Norway for a little over a year now and i’m a li’l bit saddened that classic menswear here is very few, it’s like 85-90% are into streetwear, almost the same as in the Philippines. The only difference is the weather. Majority are into brands, mainstream, commercialised and fast paced fashion which is also called trend. Don’t get me wrong, I respect that and I admire those people who are confident in how they express themselves through their style which I believe is the most important thing about fashion, I just think that i’m passed that phase in my fashion blogging career. It could be that i’m in my mid 30’s that I choose to go this path but it’s actually just the appreciation of the gentlemanly style or what I commonly call as the permanent style. So from now on what you will see is purely if not mainly about classic menswear. Maybe i’ll lose many of you because of that but if you want to know more about the true menswear style, good taste and a sense of history then you are more than welcome to stay.


So for this blog post a little change have started to happen, yes it is the same dapper style but for me there is a big difference. I have shifted away from the modern fit to a more a classic outline just like the old days , high waisted trousers and a more generous fit. How I wish I can replace all my slim fitting suits into this. It is possible but it will definitely take time. Light colors and light fabric to match the the season.


I hope you enjoyed my birthday post though i’m sure many of you may find it uninteresting. But if you do and you have questions feel free to comment down below. So guys thank you once again for sharing my birthday with you and have fun. Until next time…..

Photography by Lance Caguiat

Wearing: Wool Jacket by Felipe & Sons, Linen Shirt by Eton, Linen Trousers by Quy & Co., Double Monk Loafers by Santoni, Pocket Squares by OTAA, Sunnies by Komono, Golden Ring by The Unbolted, Watch by Schaffen