I am Original

     Are you original? Are you unique? I am, we all are. Originality as an actor is very essential, its what sets us apart from the others. Understanding yourself and embracing your personal experience is one big part of it. I react on what I understand about the character and thats what makes us actors all unique. Like Mr. Pederson, the founder of Penguin, he has his original story on how he became a successful man through his penguin that he named Pete. It was such a nice and interesting story.  How about you? What is you story? How are you original?

     And that is why i’m very pleased to be collaborating with the original Penguin. A well known brand in the clothing industry. Not only that, it has become instantly synonymous with the era’s most iconic and talked about celebrities: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Arnold Palmer, Clint Eastwood and Richard Nixon, to name a few. Original Penguin had become a true American classic. For me its when casual and comfort meets trendy and classy. That is the original Penguin by Munsingwear.


Photography by my yaya, Ate Gem

Astig noh!

I’m Wearing: Button-down Shirt by Penguin, Pants by Topman, Belt by Zara, Slippers by Bottega Veneta, Sunglasses by Ray-ban, Bag by Zara, Watch by TW Steel


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