Gurkha Trousers • Luxire

Hi everyone, hope the year has been going smooth for you. To all my readers who are into the sartorial menswear, I got something that I’m very excited to share with you regarding a new discovery of mine when it comes to a clothing brand who does customization for shirts, jackets, trousers and accessories, the brand is called Luxire. They are quite new in the business of menswear but got a lot of experience backing up their business. The company is based in India but running an effective and easy way of ordering through their webshop. I’m writing about this brand purely of my satisfaction in their work. This is not a collaboration as I just ordered trousers from them and I was really pleased with the outcome that’s why I wanted to share it to all of you.

As a sartorial menswear enthusiast, proportion, fit and style are very important and with the type of body that I have, it is so impossible for me to fit in a ready to wear clothes. For an off the rack jacket I normally get a 48 because of my broad shoulders but I need to take in at the lower back because I have a tiny waist, then I also have to take the sleeves up all the time probably because I have short arms (well i’m not completely sure about that). Same thing goes for my trousers because I have this tiny waist that’s why I use from 44 to 46 (that’s size 28) and normally the leg measurement follows and because I have a fairly large thighs and worst of all extra large calves, so these pants doesn’t fit me well as I don’t like slim fit cut anymore. So the only option for me is to go for at least a made to measure or bespoke.

So when I found out about them I was very keen on trying them out. At first I was hesitant ordering online as I was afraid on having a poor outcome of the trousers but I was in badly need of a light grey flannel trousers and was looking for this specific style Gurkha), so I pushed through with it. The process started by choosing your desired colour and fabric, then you will have to select from their wide options of style for the trousers. After that is the crucial part, filling up on the measurements. Remember to follow the instructions carefully as you don’t want to ruin the result of your trousers but don’t worry because you will be shown with a guided photograph on how to get the right measurement using your existing trousers or pants that you wish to be copied basing on its measurement.

I have always wanted to have this gurkha trousers but unfortunately nobody is offering it here in Norway. A brief story about the gurkha, the name derives from the elite soldiers of Nepal (the Gurkhas) acquiring the name from the Nepalese Kingdom of Gorkha hence the Gurkha trousers. A battle occurred between the British military and the fearless Nepalese Gurkhas in the 1814. Its style is defined by the double-pleated front, high, cummerbund-style waistband with buckle fastenings. A lot of the clothes that we now wear often has developed from the military uniforms and has eventually evolved into many variations.

After a few days from when I ordered the trousers I got an email from Luxire telling me that there is something wrong about my measurement on both front and back rise, so what I did was gave them a new measurement and then I got another email from them saying that I need to send them a shot on how I measured the rise just to make sure that I was doing it correct. At first I thought the experience was hassle but it made me realise that they’re really experienced and only wants the best for their clients, they did not just go through with the measurements that I gave them but they really had to come up with the appropriate measurements.

The day my order arrived here in Norway i immediately checked it and i was certainly pleased with the quality of work they have done with the trousers from it’s stitches up to the details, I was really impressed so evidently took off my pants and tried this on right away. I have to admit that the fit wasn’t perfect, it was tight on the thigh part having an awkward appearance but aside from that everything was perfect. So the next day i headed right away to my trusted tailor to have a look at it. Another thing that i love about tailored clothes is that they always leave an ample amount of fabric incase you have to take something out. So we decided on opening the thigh part while taking out 3cm on each leg and what you see in all the photos here are the final and my preferred fit of the trousers. A semi full cut trousers, high waisted with double forward pleats, 5 cm cuffs with no break giving a nice front line and an elegant silhouette.

So if you’re into tailored clothes and looking for some experienced brands who knows quality, I definitely recommend you to look them out and give it a try. Here is the link to their website


Shot by my wife

Wearing: Roll neck from Oscar Jacobson

Ecru flannel trousers from Luxire

Wool burgundy socks from Palatino via Skomaker Dagestad

Tasseled loafers from Aldo

Wristwatch is Datejust Rolex