Green with a hint of hope

     Good day everyone! Since I got back, my days have been so busy and posting for my blog has become difficult. But when you’re enjoying doing a certain thing and it has become part of your system, you will always find a way to do it. Am I right? Fans and supporters always play a big role to me, they serve as a fuel to keep on going and I very much like to thank you guys for trusting and believing in me. I mean this is not my field but you accepted and recognised the work that I’m doing here. Thank you guys and I appreciate it very much.

     So for this time of the year when the sun is always up and very hot, I give you the color of Green. Its usually associated with nature, reminding you that you have to take care of it. Youth, reminding you to have fun and feel young regardless how old you are. and hope, reminding you that no matter how hard life is to you, never ever doubt yourself and give up because you hold the key to the success that you always wanted. 4Photography by Lester V.

     I’m Wearing: Button-down Shirt by Nautica, Pants by H&M, Belt by Uniqlo, Socks by H&M, Double Monks by Magnanni, Sunnies by Ray-Ban, Anchor Bracelet by ROX 1 Hype my look here 2  3  5  6  7  8  9