Gillette X Esquire Barbershop Event

 39     Gillette, the premier men’s shaving brand in the country, partnered with Felipe & Sons barbers and Esquire magazine for a night celebrating the art and innovation of shaving. The collaboration could only be summed up as the convergence of the two hosting companies’ slogans, namely “The best a man can get” and “Man at his best.” Held at Makati’s Felipe & Sons barberdashery, the event was a casual and straightforward guys’ night, where suave gentlemen from around the metro came to sharpen their look and fine-tune their grooming habits. Guests were treated to various grooming services, old-fashioned barber’s massages, and an array of food and drinks.

“For years, the shaving experience has been dogged with what men have referred to as ‘shave face’—the typical scrunching and squeezing of one’s face in order to reach every surface and every last bit of stubble. But now, thanks to Gillette’s dedication to quality service, gone are the days of shave face. Though Gillette’s ProGlide technology has been a mainstay in the industry for some years now, a new pivotal moment has arrived with the addition of FlexBall Technology. This latest innovation is Gillette’s best razor to date, a groundbreaking development in the market. Thanks to FlexBall, you can achieve a ‘no missed hair’ shave—like getting a professional shave from a barber, but at home, any day. With FlexBall, men no longer have to contort their faces in order to get that thorough shave. Now, it’s the razor that swerves and contorts to the contours of a guy’s face in order to reach virtually every hair,” said Procter and Gamble Philippines’ Chief Marketing Officer, Ramachandra Golikere. The event was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the FlexBall’s effective “no missed hair” capability.

The result of over five years of extensive research and experimentation, the ProGlide razor—already a staple in any guy’s grooming arsenal—received a major upgrade with FlexBall Technology. While Gillette’s signature ultra-thin blade cartridges offer a slick shave, FlexBall allows the razor’s head to swerve and pivot to promote optimal contact with the skin’s surface. With this new technology, the razor achieves a full range of motion that is unrivaled in the market. The FlexBall’s ability to move fluidly in any direction, glide over curves, and hug every contour gives it maximum contact to pull off the no missed hair shave. This achieves the smoothest, most precise shave yet conceived. Because of its revolutionary efficiency, majority of consumers surveyed expressed their preference for the new and improved FlexBall razor over their current ProGlide.

As luck would have it, the Gillette X Esquire Barber Shop will be open to the public on September 6 and September 12. Men are welcome to experience this top-of-the-line service and appreciate the pleasure and ease FlexBall has to offer. It is an invitation not to miss. Now it’s time for me to walk you through to my stunning experience with this event.

Going to the event I knew I need to look sleek and on point…. So I hope I did a great job. 1

Okay so this was the awesome list of the things that you can avail during the event.

I was surprised when I got inside co’z it was jam-packed with people. So I gotta wait for my turn. But it was alright because I got so fascinated with the people and the place. It was my first time in Felipe & Sons. It was oozing with manliness I would say, from the barbershop to the haberdashery.

Had a great time bonding with my fellow dapper looking co-blogger Mikyle, while waiting for our turn. 8

Now look at this barber in his dapperish style… Isn’t he so cool? 3

After 30 mins. all chairs were still occupied… Oh I can’t wait to be seated….
 4 12

And here’s another stylish barber… 6

There’s another blogger having his new hair cut… Stylish hair Paul! 10

It was the time when waiting doesn’t feel boring co’z you’re having a great time, so much to see and so much people to talk to.

Nice deco that consists the three major players of the event. Gillette Fusion Proglide, shoes from Felipe & Sons and the latest issue of the Esquire magazine. Manly don’t you agree? 5

My fellow ambassador Marco Lobregat looking excited for his grooming…

Oh there’s Mr. David Guison having a new trim while smiling at the camera with his girlfriend Vina. 16

Finally!! My turn to have my new look…. So here’s how it goes, first step: trimming

Next, a refreshing hot towel on the face… 15
Next, they used the Gillette Fusion pro glide shaving gel to avoid irritation when getting shaved. 17

And thats the new Gillette Fusion Proglide with Flexball. A new technology that follows your facial contours. 18 19

Next is cutting the hair to achieve that well cleaned look…

Now, on to the relaxing part… the barbers massage…  taking it all in. 22

Another service that they offer in Felipe & Sons was the shoe shine. You can opt for it while having your grooming. and voila, shiny as new. Don’t mind the hair on the floor just focus on the shoes alright. hahahaha 34

And there’s my trimmed look. But it was just the first part as I just wanna see how it looks like. You will now see the more cleaner and younger version of me.. now it’s time to lie down again… hahaha 24 31 25 26

See that Gillette Fusion Proglide with Flexball working its magic again…

Meet the Filo Dapper version 2.0

the face of a satisfied gentleman. 30
Three bloggers, Mikyle, David and I,joined together with our new looks. 32

Posing like mafias with our fresher look. 33
Party wasn’t over yet as people were still coming…. So it was time for me to go around until I spotted these gorgeous shoes from Sapatero, by the way they do custom made shoes. How cool is that!

Pocket squares and neck ties from OTAA, my kind of accessories…. 36 37Hanging around with some good and new friends. and If you noticed, we all looked happy and satisfied. Thanks to this amazing night.
 38The event was packed with food, drinks and attendees. it was indeed a major success. I think it was a great idea that these three joined together as they made a good formula that represents on how to be a true gentleman, in looks and in ways. and I’m very pleased to have been part of it.  Truly, a combination of “The best a man can get” and the “Man at his best.” 11