From an Idea to a Reality


Hello to the world of men’s fashion!

Welcome to my blog, The Filo Dapper. I’m so excited that it’s finally up and running! My posts will be about my personal style: from casual to street wear, to office and formal wear.  The idea of creating a fashion blog came during my many travels, where I got to see how men in different countries wear their outfits based on their culture, style and new trends.

Upon brainstorming, I came up with the concept of doing an editorial shoot that will give an edge to my site, so I reached out to my close friends to make it happen.

Thanks to ace photographer Ronnie Salvacion for the wonderful shots, Joey Samson for the polo barong, Pops de Guzman for the grooming and Gec Chia for letting us use their sophisticated showroom, Poliform.

I hope that through this  blog I can be an inspiration to many, just like how I was inspired by others. Keep checking back!

  • Larry Medenilla

    Exciting times bro! Congrats

    • @Larry Thank you for the full bro, we shall do another shoot, I hope you’re still up for it hehehe

  • Kristine Mandap

    Cool site. Looking forward to seeing your articles.

    • Kristine Thanks for appreciating, hope you’ll enjoy reading and keep coming back :)

  • netchaii moldes

    Congratulations AJ! I’m liking the site already!

    • Netchai, Thank you for support, Im glad you like it :) stay tuned…

  • Marlon Gonzales Miguel

    Wow! This site looks awesome and promising! Kudos, AJ!! I look forward to getting a renewed sense of style through your future blog posts.

    • Marlon, Appreciate the good words… I’ll try my best to be able to reach your expectations through fashion hehehe :) Thanks so much

  • Jay Ramos

    This blog looks awesome AJ! Cant wait to see more and watch this site evolve and inspire :)

    • Jay, Thank you so much for the full support since day 1… I’ll do my best to be an inspiration to others… Hope you could help spread the word :)

  • Wacky Moreno

    Congratulations on launching this neat and awesome blog. I’m sure this would help take the Men’s Fashion Blogging industry one step higher. Kudos!

    • Wacky, thanks for the good words. I’ll try my best to inspire people here… :)

  • Liza Montenegro

    “To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”- Anatole France
    With so much excitement for you, congratulations AJ Dee, the man!! Well done! God bless

    • Liza, Thanks for the inspiring quote, it will be a good reminder for me. Appreciate the love and support :)