F&H x Star Wars

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Photography by Paul Castillo

I’m Wearing: Sport Shirt by FOLDED & HUNG, Pull overs by BENCH, Joggers by FOLDED & HUNG, Snapback by COMME DES FUCKDOWN, Duffel Bag by GUCCI, Bracelet by RASTACLAT, Sneakers by ADIDAS

Last December 6-7, 2014, Folded & Hung launched their Star Wars collection at the Mega Fashion Hall and it was a huge success! Too bad for me because I missed the actual event. But I was still able to check out the good stuff… And the best part was…. I got to pick anything from the wide selection of the clothes they were selling. Thanks to Folded & Hung and I now have some of the limited edition Star Wars X F&H collection. So here are some of the clothes that I got.

  • iamnormanm

    I love this! Especially the top one.

    • Iamnormanm, Thanks for the support, keep coming back :)

      • IAmNormanM

        Absolutely! I would like to do the same poses. haha Thanks! I wasn’t able to see the whole post – travelling back to Manila! Happy New Year!!!

  • Drake Tanner

    are you wearing sweatshirt underneath that sport shirt? looks like a one outfit..very nice! where can we buy those snapback?

    • The Filo Dapper

      Hi Drake, I was actually wearing one…. but yea you were right it looks like its a one piece :) you can order it online (amazon is one)