Felipe and Sons Barberdashery and a Brotherhood

 2 (2)Meeting some great people who shares the same interest with you is enriching, especially when it’s about menswear and grooming. I was fortunate enough to share and learned a lot  from these gentlemen, the brainchild of Felipe and Sons. And now it’s my turn to share to you my experience.These fine gentlemen namely Marco Katigbak, Martin Warren, and Paulo Canivel are the men behind Felipe and Sons and have been friends for many years since when they were still in Jakarta. Hanging out with them has led me to find out how they came up with the concept of  Barberdashery. 1 (2)

Felipe and Sons was borne out of a desire to build an establishment that caters to all the grooming and styling needs of the modern gentlemen. A barberdashery, as they have coined it— an amalgamation of barbershop and haberdashery. A place where a man could get a proper shave and a clean hair cut, fit a well tailored suit and a crisp white shirt, and maybe enjoy a glass of fine whiskey, or if too early, a cup of freshly brewed coffee. A place where a man can relax as a man. Felipe and Sons first opened its doors in Salcedeo Village, Makati, in December 2013, with an addition of a retail space for the modern gentleman’s essentials in February 2015.

And then a follow up question of why Felipe and Sons? wittingly asked if there was someone from them who has a relationship with Felipe like a father to one of them.  Then they told me, Felipe is neither a barber nor a tailor, and neither are we his sons. The meaning of our name is simple: Felipe is the Philippines, and we are all his sons. Just like our fathers before us, and their fathers before them. This is our heritage, and it has given us our inspiration. For we remember our fathers and grandfathers as models of propriety—in how they acted and in how they dressed. In its entirety, Felipe & Sons stands to safeguard this heritage, and to develop it as well. Just as all dutiful sons are expected to.

 3 (1)

Now let me take you to the haberdashery. I find it interesting on how it goes when you are having a tailored shirt or a suit. So for ordering a shirt they start with the detail. They would ask what fabric? They offer Japanese cotton, Egyptian cotton, and Italian cotton. 24

Second, what kind of collar? It is most often a choice among narrow- spread (for the skinny tie lovers), medium-spread (for the most versatile), and wide-spread (for the classicist, best worn with normal sized ties). Of course, I went for the classics, the wide-spread collar.

Third, the placket. Standard, French, or covered?

 18 17

Fourth, the cuffs. Round, square, or angled? How many cuff buttons? Or perhaps French cuffs? I opted for the French cuffs.

Fifth, would you place pockets on the shirt?

Sixth, are there any contrast details that you want? Maybe a different fabric for the collar or placket or cuffs? What about a monogram? I went for the classic all white for a more versatile use.


And then, they take your measurements.

Payment is then made.

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On the first fitting, the client shall fit what we call a muslin shirt or a template shirt. This is not the actual customized shirt yet. Merely a guide for the tailors and seamstresses. (the white shirt with out a collar that I was wearing on the early photos).

Only on the second fitting will the client fit his customized shirt. If all is well, he may already bring the shirt home or wear it on the way out of the store.


Now let’s move to ordering a suit. As you begin, they will ask you,

What will the suit be for? Business or pleasure? what they meant was, is it for business or for a special occasion (perhaps a wedding)?

Based on its purpose, they would then ask you the details for your suit: First, what fabric do you want the suit in?

Second, will it be 2-piece or 3-piece? I got a 2 piece double breasted suit.

Third, the coat lapel. Notch, peak, or shawl?

Fourth, the pockets. The standard 2 or with the third pocket (It’s called the ticket pocket)?Fifth, will you opt for side vents or a center vent?
Sixth, pants. Flat front or pleated?
Seventh, pockets. For front: straight, slanted or front diagonal?

For back, one or two (or none)? With or without buttons?

Should it be a 3-piece suit, we go into details for the vest as well. How many buttons do you want to peak from beneath the coat?

And then, they take your measurements. Because they make made-to-measure suits, they also use sizing coats for reference. A series of photos are taken with the sizing coat on (so their tailors have a better grasp on your body type).

Then, typically, a 50% downpayment is made.

 13 20 25

From hereon forth, it is just a matter of a series of fittings. Usually 2-3 fittings are enough, but should you be more particular, they can reach 4 fittings. 16 14 12 15

So after all the fittings, it is now time for some posing. My crisp white tailored shirt with a wide spread collar for my OTAA bow tie and French cuff for the cufflinks also from OTAA. 9

And for the main course my blue double breasted tailored suit matched with a blue shirt ,red tie and a plaid pocket square from OTAA.

Just a piece of advice, you must own atleast one tailored suit, coz’ it’s the most reliable, most accurate and the most confident look when you are wearing a suit. You don’t want to wear a suit that looks too big nor too short. Tailored is the way to go. 2  3

Loved how the shirt fits well my body. By the way I opted for a pleated pants for a more vintage and old-fashion look. 4  5

A gentleman with its suit as well as his whiskey. 6  7  8I enjoyed every detail of this experience. Not only I’m wearing a badass suit, I also gained some new friends alike. It was indeed an excellent journey of learning on how to look a real gentleman. As to my favourite quote, always dress well coz’ you owe it to yourself.

Get in touch with them,


For general inquiries: +632 625 5735

For barbershop appointments:
+632 625 5735 / felipeandsons.resurva.com