Denims are for everyone

     Hallo everyone, Hope you’re having a great weekend with your loved ones. Most of us are enjoying and relaxing during weekends but when you have a blog aside from your main job, this is the time you make the most out of it. You do more photo shoots, edit, especially when you are trying to meet your deadlines. Having a blog is tough, it’s a responsibility to your readers, it’s a commitment to share your perspective, but those things are the ones pushing me to do more. When I was still on the stage of thinking on starting a blog I told myself that I’ll do this mainly because I wan to share something that I love, and now that it has grown to something i never imagined would happen that fast, I’m more inspired in sharing my style and to my readers who’s becoming loyal and enjoying what I share, I say thanks to you. Let us continue to WEAR TO EXPRESS. 1     Denims are so versatile, there are many ways on wearing it, pants, jackets, button down shirt, blazers, shoes, bags and even top coats. and nowadays you see fashionable individuals are wearing it two way, three way, or even all together. You just have to match the tones right. Actually there are no rules to it, except to be confident when you are wearing it. More often than not, it becomes awkward when you are not confident on how you wore it. So for me the key to wearing a right denim is imagining being a Rock Star and not giving a F*?# :)

Photography by Alejandro Taag

     Wearing: Denim Button down Shirt by American Eagle Outfitters, Jeans by American Eagle Outfitters, Chukkas by Johnston & Murphy, Tote Bag by Herschel, Sunglasses by Aldo, Watch by Armani Exchange, Crystal Bracelets by Homura

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