Denim Tandem

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Photography by Emerson Lee

I’M WEARING: Shirt by H&M, V-Neck shirt by FCUK, Denims by H&M, Pocket Squares by DRESSMAN, Sunglasses by SUNNIES, Boots by KIM GAN (GAKUYA)

Good day everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend… Let me go straight to the outfit for I’ve been wanting to do this combination ever since I started blogging. One of the essentials in a man’s wardrobe is denim. But seldom I see people wearing the so called double denim outfit, and rarely the triple denim in one. But let us start with the duo, where I matched a darker shade denim for my shirt and a lighter shade for my jeans. I chose to wear this white stylish boots to give a contrast to the dark outfit. I like how it was blended with the red color. I decided to use a red pocket square as an accent to give a balance to the totality of my outfit. Normally in my case, friends tell me “so when are you going to Saudi” jokingly, referring to my double denim outfit. I wanted to break that notion. And if you are experiencing that from your friends too, don’t be afraid to give it another shot. But this time try to add some accents like how I did with the pocket square. Stay creative guys.