Day In Day Out

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? It’s been raining the whole day here in Metro Manila. Of course of all the days in the week, it had to rain on the day we were checked in at the Sofitel Hotel. But nevertheless, we were still able to enjoy our stay. I will be posting about our stay there soon.  Over to my outfit, which will also be a part of the Filo Dapper X Bench collaboration. 1     Here I’m wearing a 3 way outfit that you can strip piece by piece depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing. As you can see in my first outfit I’m  wearing a blazer that can be used for meetings. Then for a less serious look, you can remove the blazer and wear the pullover on top of the white shirt.  And another casual option is just wearing the button down shirt with a loose tie, perfect for happy hour.

Photography by Paul Castillo

Wearing: Blazer, Pullover, Button down Shirt, Tie, Chino Pants, Sneakers, Watch by Bench, Crystal Bracelets by Homura, Clubmaster by Ray-Ban 2

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