Staying Cool

     Hallo readers!! Yesterday I reached 10,000 followers in Instagram, I know its just 10k but it’s already an achievement for me. I want to thank you for all the trust and support that you have been given me. I know i’m new to the world of blogging but the love is overwhelming and I appreciate it so much. Now the next goal is 50k, hope you’re still with me. In return I’ll do my best to give you more of the good stuff.

     Yeah it’s Summer and the weather was terrible but I went to a meeting and I thought that wearing a jacket was just appropriate. Well it’s fine as long as you’re wearing a thin one like this which I got from Uniqlo. Now if you’re going to ask me which fabric is best for tropical country like ours, the most commonly used and acceptable are cotton and linen. Like this trousers that i’m wearing that I bought from Zara. It’s perfect and try to go for the light colored fabrics like white, beige and pastel as it reflects the light and heat. By the way the meeting went well so watch out for it. Enjoy the rest of the day.

I’m Wearing: Dry Jacket by Uniqlo, Button down Shirt by Topman, Trousers by Zara, Driving Shoes by Gucci, Bag by Zara, Watch by Veloci, Crystal Bracelet by Homura, Clubmaster by Ray-ban


Photography by Ronnie Salvacion

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Homura bracelet and Veloci… I love these brands! 10  4  3