Cruising w/ Ironman

It was a good day especially that my arm is kinda feeling better, so I decided to take a ride with my well missed Penny skateboard. I know its again another dangerous thing to do knowing that my broken arm is not yet fully healed, but what can I do? thats the stubborn me talking. Anyway I just cruised with it for a lil bit. Now lets talk about my active wear…

Folded & Hung has released their new collection, Avengers the age of Ultron. In time for the latest franchise of the movie Avengers. As a Marvel Comics fan, I quickly went to the store as soon as I heard about the new collection and grabbed myself these awesome stuff from Folded & Hung. Are you an Avengers fan? if yes, what are you waiting for… But if not, why not? these tees are too amazing to be missed out and its limited. So head now to the nearest Folded & Hung store and choose your favourite character. :) 1

Photography by Emerson Lee

I’m Wearing: Tee by Folded & Hung X Avengers, Jogger Pants by Folded & Hung, Sneakers by Nike, Button-down Shirt by Muji, Snapback by Folded & Hung, Backpack by Penny, Plastic Board by Penny

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