Coach Men’s Collection 2016

 6I remember this day rushing to the Coach Showroom coz it was so early and it was the most hectic day during the New York Men’s Fashion Week. As soon as i got in, these were the 3 outfits that caught my attention. Only to find out that these outfits were showcased at the opening of their recent show. These are definitely the perfect winter wear. Now join me as i show you the other stuff from their collection.Now these are the shoes that goes perfectly with the winter wear. Expressive with its details and the shearling tongue that’s definitely an eye catcher.
 9Models wearing some of the collection.
 1  2  3 Details at its finest… 4 One of the outfits from the opener of the show. It focuses mainly on the details and the matching of brown with black.
 5 7  8
 10 Now this is my favourite of all the collection. A cracked leather jacket that has a bunch of shearling details on it. 11  12  13  14 Now this is a chic dinosaur logo, very playful and something different. 15  16  17 Navy workwear that is only unpretentious and effortless. 18 This backpack also caught my attention with its stitching details that goes around the bag that was inspired from a baseball.  19  20  21 Another shearling coat that is very noticeable in their recent collection. 22 Over-sized buttons are one of the central points of their details for this collection. 23  24  25  26According to Erin, the international representative of Coach. The collection’s reference came from different inspirations like the 80’s era, hip-hop, workwear silhouettes, East Coast vibe, etc. And if you noticed the steel bars behind the clothes, it’s because a lot of big constructions are happening around the showrooms area which was also part of their inspiration.