Hallo everyone! When you are choosing your outfits to wear especially suit, do you ask yourself if you’re combining it with the right leather shoe color? or you just open your closet and get whatever you feel like wearing? Let me share to you some tips on whats perfect to match in every  basic color blazer or suit with your leather shoes. Let me start off with the color combination of the outfit that i’m wearing. Here i’m wearing a navy blue blazer with a complimenting white shirt, combining it with brown pants and brown loafers. It’s very important that you know which color of your blazer or suit best matches the color of your leather shoes, as shoes plays a big role to your entire outfit. So here are some of the major colors of suits and blazers. Navy blue or blue best matches with dark brown or black leather shoes. Black suit or blazer best matches with black leather shoes, while gray best matches with black and caramel color leather shoes. Charcoal suit matches well with black leather shoes and brown suit or blazer only matches with brown leather shoes. So there you go, I hope those tips I’ve shared have helped you on what colors to combine best. So next time you go to a party or event they will notice that you have improved your color combination skills. But at the end of the day, its still your choice whether to follow that or do your own color combinations, after all you still make your own style.  (8)Photography by Emerson Lee

     I’m Wearing: Blazer by MOODS OF NORWAY, Button-down Shirt by ZARA, Pants by ZARA, Belt by UNIQLO, Loafers by ALDO, Sunglasses by SUNNIES

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