Christmas Break

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Photography by Larry Medenilla

I’m Wearing: Shirt by UNIQLO, Pull overs by H&M, Trousers by TOPMAN, Printed Socks by H&M, Derby Shoes by Common Projects, Watch by Armani Exchange, Bracelet by ROX by Xiao, Specs by D&G

So this is the first official outfit shoot of my site, and I gotta tell you I was so excited. Plus the fact that there was no traffic anywhere…. AT ALL!!! It was a perfect day. I wish traffic was not a problem here in Metro Manila… Don’t you agree? Well I guess its not that bad to be daydreaming right?

The few days in between Christmas and new year is often relaxing for me. So I decided to go out and have my coffee fix. I chose to wear these outfits to still be able to get the feeling of Christmas. The shoes that I was wearing is one of my personal favourites. Its pretty popular in Europe, and I like it so much because it is very trendy and sleek, plus of course the fact that it is made in Italy. Definitely the best quality when it comes to handmade shoes.

  • Jay Ramos

    Those shoes are ridiculously sick! They’re as good as the green ones I have…if not better haha

    • Jay, It is indeed… Im sure they are both perfect, its just a matter of preference :)

  • Larry Medenilla

    Whoah!! Very nice bro

    • Larry, You did a great job bro! you did it like a pro! :)

  • Emerson Lee

    Wow very nice shots! im sure both of you are having so much fun! I’ll surely join the next shoot!:)

    • Emerson, Cant wait for the next shoot with your presence, I’m sure it will be fun too…. :)

      • Emerson Lee

        Thanks brother!:) see u!

  • Third Duran

    Great post! Love the outfit! Congrats Aj!!

    • Third, Thanks so much! hope you enjoyed the site. Please do come back and subscribe, so you will be able to receive updates. Happy New Year!

  • Liza Montenegro

    Nice shots Larry and Aj! Good job guys! More! Isama na si Emerson next time. hihi! Can’t wait.

    • Liza, thanks a lot, yeah will bring Emerson but just to carry my clothes hahaha