Burgos strip

Good day guys! How are you feeling today?  Hope you are feeling great… These past few weeks has been riding smooth for me. Many opportunities has been coming my way, from the three different things that i am doing right now. Acting, tile business and my blogging. It has been very hard for me as those things are very different from each other. But I don’t have a right to complain coz these are blessings. In life there are countless blessings to be thankful for, so make it a habit to say thank you to God and manifest it to the universe. and you will see changes in your life. As one of my rule in life “It’s all about perspective, be positive no matter what.”

So here is me sending a positive vibe to you through my outfit. A perfect fit and color of  polo from Penguin especially this time of the year and then thought of pairing it with a jogger pants from Folded & Hung. While finishing it with the passionately and fiery red coloured superstar by Adidas. Of course it won’t be complete with out the details of my Hat and these cool pair of bamboo sunnies from Mad Monkeys. Now you are ready to go on your next weekend trip. Enjoy the rest of the day. and please maintain the positive vibes, you owe it to yourself. :) 6


Photography by Alejandro Taag

     I’m Wearing: Polo by Penguin, Jogger Pants by Folded & Hung, Superstars by Adidas, Hat by Brixton, Bamboo Sunglasses by Mad Monkey

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