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Photography by Paul Castillo

I’m Wearing: Jacket by ZARA MAN, Shirt by DAP TEES, Denim by MTWTFSS WEEKDAY, Sunnies by CARRERA, Loafers by GUCCI

So the family planned to have lunch in Tagaytay to meet up with the relatives before they leave tonight for the U.S. I know its going to be a little bit colder there compared here in Manila, that’s why I picked this jacket and paired it with just a shirt in case it gets warmer. I chose to wear blue from top to bottom, but I made sure to inject a hint of reds to give a contrast to it. Just like when you are wearing a solid coloured suit, mixed up with an opposite coloured tie and pocket squares.

  • Larry Medenilla

    Cooool! Bluer than blue

    • Larry, hahaha next time i’ll do a redder than red hahaha

  • Jay Ramos

    You should call it ‘Having the Monday Blues’! Haha

    • Jay, hahaha I can use that if it happens again on a monday hahaha….