Blue Ensemble



Hey guys! Happy weekend. Before anything else, I just wanted to extend my thanks to you guys who watched the last week of Bridges of love. It has been a busy week again from work and I’m having a hard time doing stuff for my blog. I just got back now from Cotabato City for a show and I did not know that it’s kinda unsafe there. Good thing that our event was at the next town which is called Libungan. A small town that is actually peaceful as opposed to Cotabato City.It was a successful and peaceful show. Thanks to the Municipality of Libungan and to the police who are all the time at our side to keep us safe. Now that I’m done with work I can focus again on my blog so here it is.

A casual look that you can try when off work or on weekends. I kinda experimented on this outfit by wearing different shades of blue, made it subtle by using solid colors and just opted using print on my shoe to give a detail on the whole outfit. Blue coloured outfit is well used and accepted when it comes to clothes. It’s easier compared to wearing red, green or yellow ensemble.

Photography by Kyle Wong

     Wearing: Bomber Jacket by Zara, Shirt by Bench Body, Pants by Zara, Sneakers by Clae from The Sneakpeek, Sunglasses by Penguin, Hat by Brixton

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