Autumn Staples • Barbour

 14From where I come from we only have two seasons, Summer and rainy (does that even count?) I know most of you can relate (my fellow Filos). But now I have to be conscious that I’m living in a country that has four seasons and Summer here in Norway is about to be over. So I’m here to share with you some of the outfit essentials for Autumn, if incase you’re planning a trip in this side of the globe.You gotta need some good jacket that will keep you warm from the cold breeze of Autumn. I’m wearing here a nice quilted jacket from Barbour. A well known and trusted brand from UK who makes quality outerwear and jackets for more than a century now. Definitely a perfect choice if you are in search for a good quality and stylish jacket. Another staple would be a pair of chelsea boots. It is an iconic piece of footwear that was popularised by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Definitely stylish and functional at the same time during this time of the year. You can go two ways when wearing it, if you wanna go simple and casual, pair it with a denim or you can opt for a more dressier look, them you can match it with a suit. Either way you go, it will still look stylish and timeless type of footwear. By the way i’m wearing a Superdry  suede chelsea boots here, and it looks awesome! I’m sure you will agree on that.
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Photograph by Olga Dee

Wearing: Quilted Jacket by Barbour, Shirt by Perry Ellis, Trousers by H&M, Chelsea Boots by Superdry, Sunglasses by Rayban