Athleisure Is Still In

 19One of the trend that became popular few years back is still in for 2016. A style which is also called activewear has been gaining market globally so don’t stuck it yet inside your closet and experiment with it using your other clothes. I did mine by pairing it with a derby shoes from Salvatore Mann.
Athleisure can be done in so many ways. One example is wearing a jogger pants and a casual jacket paired with a leather shoes. Another one could be a blazer and sweat pants with a sneakers. There are plenty of ways to do that and it’s up to you how you will create your own athleisure look. This particular style is very applicable to those people who goes to the gym or exercise after work, easier and flexible. 15 4Of course another perfect accessory to this look is my Huawei smartwatch. As it counts your steps and calorie burn. 3  5  7  8 Another versatile shoes from Salvatore Mann, love it. 10  11  14  16  17  18
 20  21

Photography by Andrei Suleik

Wearing: Jacket by M, Shirt by Celio, Jogger Pants by Kirv, Derby Shoes by Salvatore Mann, Bag by Herschel Supply Co. from General, Smart Watch by Huawei