Aloha Hawaii

Aloha everyone! The word Aloha is widely known as hello and goodbye in the Hawaiian language. But I only found out that it actually mean compassion, peace, affection and mercy. A nice word to show to others.

Sorry if it took me awhile to make a post again for we are always out trying to maximize the time that we have here in Honolulu. We were so lucky to be staying just across Waikiki beach, a good five minute walk and we are at this beautiful beach. Got to wear my very timely tank top only from Folded & Hung, a striped shorts and the perfect Havaianas flip flops. and don’t forget my new fashion statement as it will be visible for the whole US trip, I hope not…. My casted arm. :(

Photography by my brother Enchong Dee

     I’m Wearing: Tank Top by FOLDED & HUNG, Shorts by QUICKSILVER, Flip-flops by HAVAIANAS, Sunglasses by SUNNIES

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