All Suit Up

     Great Sunday everyone! If you have noticed I have worn this particular blazer several times in my blog. It is because I wanted to show you on how to play around with different outfits using one blazer . and this is the last leg of it. The all suit up look. This particular outfit is best worn on formal meetings, formal events or probably on weddings. But I don’t follow those, I will wear it if i feel like it and if its not that hot. Makes me look sharp and gives the impression that I mean business. It is essential that you have a complete set of suit in your closet, coz I’m sure one day you’ll need it. Don’t ever fall to the trap of buying ready to wear suit coz you’ll end up wasting your money. Invest on bespoke suits. It doesn’t have to be branded, what’s important is it fits you well.  Actually it’s better if you know a tailor, in that case you can easily alter it.  (6)

Photography by Emerson Lee

     I’m Wearing: Blazer by Moods of Norway, Button-down Shirt by H&M, Tie by Macy’s, Vest by Moods of Norway, Pants by Moods of Norway, Socks by Boss, Derby by Aldo, Pocket Squares by OTAA, Sunglasses by Sunnies 

P.S. I have done something wrong about the outfit, and I found out about it when I was sorting the photos. If you have seen it tell me about it. I want to know If you’re familiar with the Do’s and Don’ts of wearing a suit. :)

Hype my look here if you like it.IMG_0023 (1)IMG_0037 (1) (2)  (1)  (4)  (3)  (5) IMG_0039 (1)