Active Strut

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Photography by John Lao

I’M WEARING: Hoodies by H&M, Shorts by UNIQLO, Sunglasses by SUNNIES (Scottie), Socks by HUFF, Sneakers by ADIDAS, Backpack by HAWK BAG

It is holiday again here in the metro, and we are celebrating the Papal visit. Some went out of town, out of the country, and some just stayed home to relax. But for me its time to go back to my usual lifestyle, working out. Since I left for Norway last September, I haven’t had any serious exercise and I’m definitely sure that I’m  way overdue. I just hope this attempt will work unlike the previous ones. Plus I have a good reason now to exercise because I’m accompanied with this new Hawk Bag that I got. It’s perfect for people who are always on the go. Not only for those who are into sports, but also for the people who are always connected and wired in, because it conveniently has a compartment for your laptop.

So I matched my olive green backpack from Hawk Bag with an earth tone coloured hoodie, a gray camouflage shorts a stylish sunglasses from Sunnies and finished it with a neon print socks.