A Filipino Dapper

     Okay, doing this shoot inspires me a lot to do more and share more of my style. Last month I had a concept in my mind that I think would give a lot of options to male fashion enthusiasts. It was just an idea until my friend Ronnie agreed and convinced me to push through with it. Thank you Ronnie for giving me the confidence that I needed. Now If you have been following me for quite sometime, you probably know what my style is. The dapper look. A style that displays sharpness, trimmed, class and smart. It’s being on point when dressing up.

     So for Bench being the no. 1 local brand in the country, plus the fact that they have every style in their store, I showed them my little project called The Filo Dapper X Bench. After a few days I got a call that my concept is pushing through. Oh man…  5 24

Photography by Ate Gem (P.A.)

     Wearing: Blazer, Button down Shirt, Selvedge Jeans by Bench, Hat by Albertus Swanepoel X Bench, Sneakers by Rivieras, Watch by Bench, Beads Bracelet by Homura, Signet Ring by Tom Wood

It was amazing! same feeling before when I usually get into a role that I auditioned for. I can’t believe myself, I had to stop for a while and absorb it. So to my family, friends, readers and my amazing followers. I will be needing your support on this. With in the month I will be having my own section in several Bench stores nationwide. How cool is that?! And I wish you could take some of your precious time to visit the Bench store as I will be showcasing my own style wearing all Bench items. I will announce the list of the branches in my social media sites where I will have my own corner.

Now that all of this has materialised, it’s time for me to do my best and make an extra effort to show more of my own style. All of this is happening because of all your support and trust that you are giving me so if you are reading this, I say to you… Thank you very much! By the way, I had this shoot yesterday in the set of Bridges of love (the soap opera i’m doing) while waiting for my scene. That is me, multitasking.

Well obviously I’m wearing all stuff from Bench except for the bracelets that I got from Homura. This is basically my all the way denim look from my blazer to my button down shirt, from my pants to my sneakers. Here I’m wearing Bench’s new collection the selvedge denim jeans, which is part of their new campaign the #BenchDenimNow

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