A second to none • Joey Espiritu Bespoke Tailoring

So we are back on our usual Monday grind looking sharp, suited up and dressed confidently. But don’t forget that holiday is fast approaching as well, meaning parties, events and important gatherings. These are the reasons why every men should own some nice looking tailored suits. The case may be different for me because I’m pretty much in a suit most of the time, like this bespoke double breasted suit that I have from Joey Espiritu.

Most of the time men would just go for off-the-rack suits for the reasons that they won’t be using it often, it’s usually more pricey or because mainly all suits are the same. But you got to remember that suit is not just an ordinary outfit like shirt or jeans. It is an outfit that you wear when you’re getting married, when you are going to your final interview or attending an important event. It is something you wear that you obviously wanted to look your best. A suit that is only meant for you that perfectly fits your body as you move, a suit that is second to none. Now get ready to look your best this holiday.

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Photography by Stephanie Engebråten


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Wearing: Double breasted suit by Joey Espiritu, Shirt by Perry Ellis, Peacoat by Felipe & Sons, Suede Chelsea Boots by Vagabond, Tie and Pocket Square by OTAA, Hat by Goorin Bros., Watch by Harper and Brooks, Umbrella by Knirps, Weekend Bag by Victorinox