Birds of Paradise

     So yesterday we went to a resort to celebrate my sister’s 16th birthday and decided to wear these matching outfits from The Man on the Street and the newly designed boat shoes that I got from Blackbeard. When I started my blog I had this mission that I would support local brands who just started their businesses and are making quality goods. and I’m glad that I have been working with some of them. It would be great to see them grow bigger and bigger.
 12     Matching outfits are one of the trends now but some of you guys may not like it. But there is an option that you can do at first. Try matching same solid colors. Then feel it, if you think that you are confident on wearing same color match, then there is no problem for you in shifting to printed outfits. Now lets go to the boat shoes. Being in a tropical country gives you a freedom to wear that type of shoes in almost all occasions. How cool is that? So for me, I would suggest that you include it to your shoes collection.

Photography by Ice Dee

     I’m Wearing: Polo and Shorts by The Man on the Street, Boat Shoes by Blackbeard Shoes, Fedora Hat by Cappella 3 1

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